No bikes or pets. Participants with all terrain strollers/joggers are requested to start in the back. The courses do have some single track and can be a bit uneven terrain so be prepared for a tough workout if pushing a stroller.  See course maps for more details, including aid station locations.

Start times: Half marathon starts at 7:30 am and 5k and 10k start at 8:00. Be sure to sign your fill out childcare waivers before your event begins.

Course Time Limit: There is no time limit for the 5k and 10k. Half Marathon runners must finish in 4.5 hours, which equates to just over a 20 minute/mile pace.

Aid Stations: You will be well taken care of at our three aid stations. They will be fully stocked like ultra aid stations: water, electrolyte drink, gels, potatoes, potato chips, fruit, candy, etc.

The half marathon course consists of a 10 mile loop and the first 5k loop of the 10k course. The course begins at NS, heads out to Cool, down the gorgeous, shaded three mile stretch of Western States all the way down to No Hands Bridge.  After aiding at No Hands, you reverse and take K2 (1000 ft climb in 0.9 miles) back up to the trails in the Knickerbocker Area.  After reaching the top of K2, the rest of the course is made up of flats and rolling hills and a mix of single and wider track. A lot of the second half of the course is out in the open so if it is hot, be sure to plan accordingly.  Aid again in Cool before heading back to NS via different, rolling, mostly single track trails.  Arrive at NS and do a 5k loop to complete. 1700 feet elevation gain with max elevation of 1560 feet and minimum of 630 feet. Potential creek crossing on return to Northside before final 5k loop depending on weather.

A great 10k for beginners, families and for people who want to race.  A mix of wider trail and single track, along with rolling hills.  The course is pretty exposed so if it is hot, come prepared.  515 feet elevation gain with max elevation of 1507 feet and minimum of 1320 feet. Potential creek crossing on second 5k loop depending on weather.

This is a relatively flat, fun course for the whole family!  If it is hot, come prepared!  There are some open sections out there.  223 feet elevation gain with max elevation of 1473 feet and minimum of 1331 feet. Potential creek crossing depending on weather.